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Partnership and Synergies in aerial cinematography between Alpsvision and Alexander Fontana are a guarantee of excellent results.

Alexander & Michael aerial Team
portrait Alexander Fontana

Alexander Fontana, Camera Operator/DoP – Drone Pilot

After graduating with success from film school, I became interested in a new perspective.

I started flying drones and right after  I completed all the necessary applications for legal use in critical areas.

It took me only a few flights to recognize that for efficient, clean and above all safe aerial filming two people are needed. One operating the drone and one operating the camera.

It was the time when I met Michael, I knew he was one of the best pilots in the region and we could work together as an „air crew“.

That’s how things turned out, in the meantime we have become a smoothly functioning and perfectly coordinated team.

Knowing how to fly a drone gives me a better understanding of the drone pilots work and my job as a D.o.p in the air.


Let’s draw invisible lines in the sky!

Michael Schmalzl, CEO and UAVs Operator of Alpsvision GmbH/Srl – Drone Pilot

From hobby to profession!

Since childhood Michael was fascinated by the world of remote controlled aircrafts,

Already in his early years he started to fly remote controlled gliders and moved soon forward to the top class, the RC-Helicopters.

In 2013, when the first multi-rotor (drones) appeared on the market, a new era began in this sector.

Michael followed this novelty with a great deal of interest and soon understood that this innovation opened up promising and interesting career paths.

In 2014 he founded Alpsvision GmbH, a company which offers professional aerial filming and services with unmanned aerial systems under 25Kg.

In 2015, he completed his first drone license in Italy and specialized as a

pilot for professional applications even in critical areas.

With his extensive experience and in close cooperation with his cameraman, he quickly learned the essentials of aerial cinematography.

The right positioning, speed and movement of the drone is the Key for cinematic aerials!

Portrait Michael Schmalzl