Alexander Fontana con videocamera



I’m Alexander Fontana

Cinematographer, Drones Pilot and Photographer operating mainly in Trento and Bolzano (Trentino – Südtirol).

After experiencing the essentials of photography with my father, my dream to freeze and re-experience time and space has become one of my major motivations.

My passion to keep the view, the breath and the emotion of an instant, constantly gained importance in my life.

Following the workshop “MOV!E IT” for camera-assistance at cinema productions, I expanded my experience on film sets as grip-assistant.

In 2013 I was successfully admitted to the  School for Documentary, Television and New Media ZeLIG, where I graduated with distinction in 2016.

I did the cinematography for the diploma film HIDDEN PHOTOS, which was shot in Cambodia.

I’m working as  cinematographer/dop for documentaries, short films, music videos  and advertising;

cameraoperator/dop for aerial filming, attested drone-pilot and camera-assistant for production companies.

My body of work is expanding constantly and especially documentations and aerial work have become a significant field I’m looking forward to future productions.

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